The most common questions and answers

Our warehouse is located in Ramat Gan near the stock exchange, and in addition we make deliveries to all parts of the country.

We are an online store with a social agenda of breaking market prices, you can see the full details here .

ETKENI is an online shopping store, our warehouse is located in Ramat Gan

True, all products that come from abroad in most cases will be cheaper than any store in the country.

However, with us the prices are very fair and relatively in line with the prices abroad, the delivery time is up to 12 business days (usually even before), warranty, checking the condition of the products before shipment and telephone service in Hebrew.

Abroad the delivery time is significantly longer and can take even two months, in quite a few cases the products arrive damaged or defective, there is no warranty after purchase and of course the small queue to collect the package.

 To this end, “ETKENI” was established, to fight against the high prices that are currently on the market, and also to give customers products of the highest level at the lowest price.

Very simple, make a purchase in a shopping cart, choose the “Self-collection” tab, because you arrive physically for collection, you can also pay in cash on the spot (free order) or by credit card directly from the site, call 03-3751450 or we will call and arrange arrival, our warehouses are located in the tower Moshe Aviv, Ramat Gan (not a store).

Yes, the entire site is secure, paid by credit card, you are transferred to PayPal’s secure SSL server with the highest level of security.

Yes, when you arrive at the checkout, click on “Payment by credit card” or “BIT” and a representative of “ETKENI” will contact you soon.

Yes, you can also pay with us through PayPal – the safest means of payment online.
When you arrive at the checkout, mark “Pay via PayPal”, then come to their secure external window, make sure what you ordered, confirm the deal and that’s it.

You can choose according to the existing list of options depending on the product, if you missed a representative will contact you to coordinate exactly the color / type you need

12 business days and sometimes even earlier.

In express delivery to the house between 1-5 business days

Shipping prices are as detailed below:

Registered mail – 18 shekels.

BOXIT – 20 shekels.

Fast mail – 30 shekels.

Self-collection can be arranged in advance by calling 03-3751450 after placing your order.

On the right side of the site you can ask any question at any time and they will get back to you by email or phone soon.

On our social device “ETKENI” on Facebook you can send messages, visit, share anything you want at any time.

In addition, the phone hours are also available at 03-3751450.

Sun-Thu 09: 00-17: 00

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