Terms and conditions of use

The “Etkeni” website serves as a store for minicomputers, streamers, gadgets, mobile accessories, and complementary accessories for the public who surf the Internet in Israel. The provisions of this policy will apply to any use and purchase made by you on the website, and will form the legal basis for any discussion between you and “Etkeni”.

You are requested to read these terms and conditions in full and carefully.

Etkeni puts before its eyes the issue of quality, service, and reliability as a basic condition for joint and long-term work. This concept is active and proves itself in the field among our thousands of satisfied customers and of course, we will be happy to share it with new customers.

Site Reservations and Consulting
Center: The https://etkeni.com reservations and consulting center
operates on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours: 9: 00-17: 00 by phone: 03-375-1450, or by leaving a message in contact or by mail Email info@etkeni.com (Recommended) –

Her e-mail will be answered as soon as possible

Terms and conditions of use of the site

The site is used as an image site for the purchase of products by surfers in Israel.

Those aged 18 and over who have a valid credit card in Israel from one of the following credit card companies: Isracard, MasterCard, Visa may make a purchase.

A precondition for making the sale to the customer is the approval of the credit card company for the transaction and for it.

The site allows surfers to purchase various products, in the easiest and fastest way.

All photos and videos on the site are for illustration purposes only and should not be relied upon.

Warranty and service

1. Warranty is for a malfunction and/or breakdown, which results from a malfunction of a manufacturing defect only according to the instructions of the standards of the manufacturer.
The warranty will not include the following cases:
– No warranty on touch screen and/or internal display
– Cosmetic / external damage such as scratches / fractures / blows / cracks / curvature of the device
– Damage caused to the device due to contact with any liquid/corrosion/scale
– connection The appliance is powered by voltages/currents that are not suitable for use with the appliance, “short on the appliance”
– changes and repairs in the hardware of the appliance Repair in a laboratory that is not related to the importer’s or manufacturer’s laboratory.
-If it is found according to a laboratory test that the malfunction in the product was caused as a result of handling the device by an external party, the manufacturer/importer’s warranty is void.
– Software or software damage is not covered by the warranty,
– Modifications and/or installation of firmware “version” (Firmware / Rom) on the device without approval
Serial number (IMEI) that is damaged/erased / unclear for reading and scanning
– Damage caused by the accumulation of unreasonable dirt, dust, or other factors, or any damage caused by neglect and lack of basic system care within the device.
Cases of force majeure such as floods and/or earthquakes and/or lightning and/or fires or improper use of the product.
– Improper assembly of parts may cause the warranty to expire.
– Any change in the product removes the warranty.
– Exposure to a temperature that exceeds the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Backing up information on the device is not included in the warranty and will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
3. Removing or tearing a warranty sticker removes the warranty from the product.
4. Some faults will require resetting of the device, in these cases the company will not notify you in advance before making the repair. The customer is aware that before handing over the device for repair he will make all the necessary backups to the information in his device.
5. Any software damage whether intentional or unintentional, whether in the operating system, computer bios, or any other software is not covered under warranty. Please note that computer/streamer settings are very sensitive and can cause a lot of damage to those who are not authorized to set them. Avoid tampering with computer/streamer settings as much as possible.
6. appliance repair warranty will be up to 14 days( to 21 days if the customer updated about the delay in the repair ).
7. In case you need to activate the warranty, the buyer has the responsibility to bring the product to the store and return it, including costs associated with it.
8. Agreed the Company’s qualified devices, provides one of the conditions mentioned above are met, and that absolute proof acceptable to the customer.
delivery of the defective product and return the customer will be made at the expense of the customer and the responsibility!
the law applicable to the online booking is the only Israeli law.
Warranty for products by subcontractors will be given by the supplier and for the period listed on the product page.
The terms of the warranty are subject to the terms and decision of the importer in Israel and/or the manufacturer abroad.
We make sure to work with reliable and high-quality suppliers, but in the event of the guarantor’s non-compliance with his obligation, the customer is invited to contact us and we will assist him in dealing with the issue of liability to the supplier.
9. Defective product which has been discontinued or cannot be delivered within a reasonable time, the company may give an identical product of the same company or company or a relative credit according to the value of the product on the day of return, the determination of credit is at the company’s discretion.
A product that is inspected and found to be in good condition or that it has been used improperly will be charged an inspection fee of NIS 149.
10. Judicial authority for any legal dispute will be given in courts in Tel Aviv-Yafo only.

Delivery/transportation of the products and pay for them

Etkeni will operate to provide the products or services in accordance with the delivery terms specified on the sales page of the products and if not specified or unavailability of the products in stock, the delivery time is 7-21 business days from the moment the transaction is approved by the credit company. Phone \ SMS. Etkeni undertakes to provide only product / s that have been fully disbursed by credit card and approval of the transaction has been received from the credit company.

You can receive in delivery any product purchased by you on the website to the address in Israel that you typed when submitting your offer, within 1-7 business days unless otherwise stated on the website.

The delivery date is solely what is stated in the order details (even if stated otherwise by phone by one of our representatives).
The delivery of the products purchased on the site will be made by “Etkeni” or a courier on its behalf.
If the customer chooses the option of “courier to the house”, an arrival coordination call will be made with the customer to confirm the delivery.

If after the coordination call he does not find an adult over the age of 18 at the address, the customer will be charged for an idle visit.

The payment for the shipment/transportation/installation will be added to the payment for the product and will not be refundable for any reason.
Payment will be made by credit card.


The delivery times of the products as indicated on the shipments page include only the calculation of business days (Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, and public holidays).
“Etkeni” will not be responsible for any delay or delay in delivery and/or non-delivery caused as a result of force majeure and/or events beyond the control of “Etkeni”.
“Etkeni” will not be responsible for any delay, delay in delivery, or non-receipt of the product if sent by regular uninsured mail.

If the product which was ordered by insured mail is not received within 60 business days from the date of delivery, it will be possible to cancel the order.

The delivery of the products is conditional on their availability in the store/manufacturer/importer’s inventory. If an out-of-stock product has been ordered, a compatible / replacement product will be provided.

Delivery beyond the Green Line will be charged at a different cost than the cost of delivery in Israel and is conditional on the distribution area of ​​the shipping company in coordination only and in advance with the customer.

Cancel reservation

Cancellation of an order after it has been sent will involve a handling fee of 5%, the order value or NIS 100, whichever is lower. – This amount is non-refundable.

Product return

Each product can be returned when complete and in its original packaging within 14 days. The consideration will be credited to the credit card or a check will be sent at the full value of the returned product, excluding the original shipping fees paid, packing, and handling expenses. The returned products must reach “Etkeni”, with the shipping costs to “Etkeni” will apply to the buyer.

According to the regulations, it will not be possible to return a product that has been used, and in the case of electrical products or electronics a product that is connected to electricity.
* No replacement/return of care/hygiene product (for hygiene reasons)

Privacy Statement

In order to complete the purchase, the customer must provide his personal details, ID card and/or HF and his credit card number, it is clarified that all the details provided are passed to us when encrypted. . We undertake not to transfer them to a third party, except the credit company.
Etkeni may send you from time to time in the media available to it, including by e-mail and/or short message (SMS) and/or through notifications information about its services, as well as marketing and advertising information. Such information will be sent to you, in accordance with the law and at any time you can revoke your consent and cease receiving it.

Limitation of Liability

The company is not responsible for consequential or circumstantial damage or loss of profit directly or indirectly related to the product.

The company is not responsible for any content that the user of the product chooses to watch or download through the products.

The company is not responsible for any damage to the information stored in its products in any case. It is recommended to back up the information before handing over the equipment to the lab.

Customer Service

Any questions regarding the products displayed on the website, including questions regarding the technical specifications of the product, for information on product operation, warranty, can be contacted at “Etkeni”.

For more details about the site and its activities, you can contact “Etkeni” by e-mail.

Customer service representatives will be happy to be at your service with any question regarding the purchase process and any other issue in order to make the purchase experience more pleasant and quick and easy.


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